Eleven years we have been using the name lastfortypercent, but now that time has come to put our faithful name to bed. Sounds so regal doesn’t it? But it is true, lastfortypercent is no more. We have retired the name. You’ll find all of the new updates of my work on my new blog and website. I feel that there should be said more about the end of our business name. But Brianna always hated it and it will be nice to listen to people mispronounce my name from now on. (You-Win Fail-In is how you would pronounce it by the way.)

As well, don’t forget to check out our education website DMWL. Where you can purchase the contracts that we use, LR Custom Presets that I use to edit my images and more.

But don’t worry, we won’t delete the old blog. You will still be able to look at your favourite shoots here! But now, here is to a new beginning and the end of our time as lastfortypercent!

Check out the new website and blog at ewanphelan.com


If you have been waiting to purchase the Do More LR presets, our contracts, posing app, a Forum membership (or any of the other educational tools in our store), come on over and buy yourself a special Valentines’ Day gift. Everything is up to 50% off for one week only…..



We are all progressing to something else. Don’t stand in the way of someone else’s journey.

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Last week was a huge week with the release of the new domorewearless.com and domorephotographers.com! Plus the new custom LR presets! If you haven’t checked them out, there is a lot of great things being said about them. Thank you to everyone that is sharing their images that have be processed with them!

***This week we are officially releasing our Boudoir Pricing psd Templates and our Holiday Special Announcement psd Templates!***

Every year its the same thing. January 1st comes around and I start work re-designing our pricing pdfs. Or we have all done it and just used the same design from one year to another. Too busy to design a whole new one or not wanting to pay for someone to design one for you. We found a solution for you! You will find 5 distinct Boudoir Pricing Templates. But the great thing about them is that you can mix and match pages from all of the templates.

Easy to use PSD layered files. All you need to do is open each page, click on the desired layer that you wish to replace, ie. text or photos and save a new file with our own customized and personalized Pricing PDF to send your clients, or a great poster to announce your new Holiday Special!