Last week was a huge week with the release of the new and! Plus the new custom LR presets! If you haven’t checked them out, there is a lot of great things being said about them. Thank you to everyone that is sharing their images that have be processed with them!

***This week we are officially releasing our Boudoir Pricing psd Templates and our Holiday Special Announcement psd Templates!***

Every year its the same thing. January 1st comes around and I start work re-designing our pricing pdfs. Or we have all done it and just used the same design from one year to another. Too busy to design a whole new one or not wanting to pay for someone to design one for you. We found a solution for you! You will find 5 distinct Boudoir Pricing Templates. But the great thing about them is that you can mix and match pages from all of the templates.

Easy to use PSD layered files. All you need to do is open each page, click on the desired layer that you wish to replace, ie. text or photos and save a new file with our own customized and personalized Pricing PDF to send your clients, or a great poster to announce your new Holiday Special!


For a long time I have been thinking about releasing my custom presets and to we did! We have a completely new design for our website and with it comes my own custom LR presets that I use to edit my own photos!

The Presets have been designed to make your life easier and get you back behind your camera, instead of stuck behind a desk editing. They were created to bring out the rich colours of your photos, allowing you to paint with light and shadow.

Along with *over 40* variations of presets, I have also created two sets of adjustments panels to make it even easier. No need to guess how much shadow or contrast. Just click the different options and find the exact look you want. As well as colour adjustments to bring down orange skin, grass that is too green and more.

Check out the website to see the work of a lot of photographers who used them and loved them! Also see what other photographers are saying about them as well!
Come check them out :

And feel free to share and spread the word. Thanks everyone!


We are all made up of imperfections taped together to make up the messes that we are. So look past those imperfections and see the humanity that exists within those broken pieces.

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Very excited to see the feature I wrote for Missy Ink Magazine about the ills of social media policing my work and our message! Check out the whole article here!

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