She saw the life she wanted and went for it. Left it all behind and started her new adventure. Her loves were still there and she knew they would be when she got home, but for now, her adventure awaited.

The beautiful Miss K…

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It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The whole reason I chose Utah. I wanted to see it’s beauty, and there it was, the Salt Flats. For as far as the eye could see, nothing but white. The clouds were big, the mountains were there too, and it felt like we were walking on a warm slurpee. The wind started whipping hard, blowing salt into our eyes, mouth and nose. It hurt and it was hard to breath. A storm was coming and you could see the salt picked up like a wall coming for us. Light was fading. We had to be quick.

It felt like the everything was going fast and slow at the same time. I had to so many elements to deal with which made me go slow, but at the same time I could see that wall getting closer and closer and I didn’t know what the salt was going to do with my camera, how thick the wall of salt would be, or if we could keep shooting.

In the end it was completely worth it! I loved the experience of shooting somewhere I would never have thought I see in my life. I loved getting to be inspired by the environment as it controlled the shoot. In all of that chaos and restraint came freedom to shoot whatever I wanted.

A big thanks to Candice Zurich of The Blissful Maven for putting up with the salt whipping her for the whole shoot! You can see the indoor shoot I photographed of Candice here!

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We are very excited to announce the creation of! With years of being attacked, banned, and having to start over on social media, we realized that we had to create a safe place for boudoir photographers to be able to come together, share, learn and help elevate the boudoir industry together. So last week we created!

It’s a great place to centralize the boudoir industry that is so scattered right now. We have weekly challenges with great prizes from our sponsors. Critiques are available. And we already have in the works tutorials from so many amazing photographers that will be added! This isn’t just a place to share your work and talk (which is available there also), but it is going to be an education hub. Instead of everyone being a part of 10 different groups, it’s a way for us to all be in one place, not worry about getting flagged and having a great community. It’s a place for us to all elevate the industry together. 

It’s only $29.99 USD a year to join. A fraction of the cost of what other forums cost out there. Just go to DMWLF, register, wait to be approved (there are stipulations for you to be able to join all laid out in the terms of service) and you will be able to sign in. Once you do, it will prompt you to pay your subscription fee and you are all set to go! With already 200 members joined in less than 72 hours, we can’t wait to have you there with us and see what you have to say!


It’s your turn San Francisco! With a lot of requests for California, San Francisco was the first city we thought of. Being held at Denise Birdsong of Modern Love Photography‘s beautiful studio on October 6th, 2015, this workshop will be honest and blunt. Nothing held back. All questions answered.

Broken into two parts, the day starts with the group together in classroom style, being walked through our business practices, inspiration, client interaction, making sales, and post production. Plus any questions you bring forward. The second part of the day will be shooting along-side me. I will break down everything that I am looking at while I am shooting, from posing to light, to composition, to themes.

Enter sanfran2015 at the checkout to get the early bird pricing of $600.00! Limited spots available.

Can’t wait to see you there!