It’s time for our next “do more | wear less” boudoir workshop! As one of the only boudoir photographers speaking on the conference circuit, we are brining our unique view of boudoir on the road to you in beautiful Edmonton!

It’s two awesome days filled with lots of learning, hands on shooting and live shoots and a beautiful venue on October 20/21, 2014. If you’re looking to take your boudoir business to the next level or introduce boudoir into your wedding business, this workshop is for you! 

So what to do next? Check out the full info below. Send us an email to to reserve your seat. Share this link with others. And get your learning hat on.

We are thankful to our amazing sponsors The Boudoir Album and Flosites (our super new awesome website being unveiled soon) who help make this possible. If you haven’t checked out their sites yet, do it.

Some of the things we’ll cover include : 

* The importance of boudoir and the psychology behind it.

* How to make this a life changing event for women/couples/men right from the start.

* Pushing boundaries without crossing the line.

* Prepping clients for a session and how to make them feel comfortable quickly.

* Posing techniques that make sure your clients receive the best possible photos and love them!

* Live shoots to put what you learn into practice.

* Developing your style of boudoir photography.

* Editing techinques.

* Taking your sales to the next level!

* How to incorporate boudoir into your already existing wedding/family brand.


So what are the details…..

Two days of awesome learning. Two lunches provided. $999.00 plus tax. Half is due at the time of booking to hold your spot. Limited seats available. For professional level shooters.


Want to know what some past attendees have said?

In my years before the workshop, I followed Last Forty Percent like clockwork. I studied their work like I was taking a test on them later…every new post on Facebook was a mini Christmas. Frankly, I couldn’t figure out why I thought their work was so great…it just was. I had scoured the web for the best boudoir photographers and was consistently drawn back to their work. Knowing little about Canada, I assumed I would never have a chance to be a part of a workshop with them. Come to find out, their studio was a couple hours past Detroit, a mere six hour drive for us. I jumped at the opportunity to be in their workshop. I would have paid anything.

Cutting straight to the point, the workshop offered by Last Forty Percent CHANGED MY LIFE. I wasn’t terrible at boudoir photos, but I certainly wasn’t a craftsman. I knew concepts of light and how it hit bodies, but like most, the art of posing was foreign to me. By the end of the workshop, I felt incredibly confident about how to pose, light and manage boudoir clients. After the workshop, I hit the ground running – booking and shooting with a new sense of confidence and pride. The workshop gave me some fresh new images for my portfolio and the skills taught to me were concise, easy to implement into my own style.

Ewan and Brianna conducted a workshop that gave me the mindset and the skills to move forward with my own boudoir studio. Since the workshop, my wife and I redirected our attention to form a competitive boudoir studio. We rented a beautiful downtown studio space and have since made plans to build an even bigger studio. In essence, I now look at EVERY boudoir image I come across and think, “how would Ewan have posed or shot this”.It took my wife and I about 20 weddings before we were comfortable and confident in the product we were delivering. After one workshop with Last Forty Percent, I felt like I could conquer the world and my first boudoir sessions showed it. I highly recommend the experience of a workshop from The Last Forty Percent Photography. You will never be the same.

Seth Kerechanin //


Brianna and Ewan, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you both what a difference my experiences with you have made. Having both attended the workshop and having been photographed by Ewan was such an eye opener. I’d already been shooting women for about 5 years and felt fairly confident in what I was delivering to my clients. After our couples session I understood more of what it meant to create an experience for clients. Although my husband I were excited about the images – which we love – the session itself is where the magic happened. I’ve been married for 6 years and not since we were dating was there that kind of giddy energy between us. Fast forward a few months and I’m leaving your two day workshop armed with all kinds of information about creating that magic for my own couples, understanding my clients, feeling like my boudoir shooting is tighter, cleaner and more interesting. I now shoot unapologetically, pushing my clients just beyond their comfort zone, and creating images that astound them. Thanks for being generous with your time, your knowledge and your support. It’s all very much appreciated.

Kate Hood //


Attending a workshop with The Last Forty Percent has been, by far, the best investment in my boudoir business to date. My photo compositions and posing have improved greatly. People have commented that they can clearly see a difference in my work from post workshop to now. I was looking for that push to get a bit sexier and edgier with my photos and they helped me with that so much. Also on the business side, my sales have doubled by implementing what I learned at the workshop. It truly was a priceless experience and worth every penny!

- Miranda Parker //


For years she has done things for others. Put their needs in front of her own. Their wants. Their requests. She was losing who she was. Who she is. And was being replaced by the titles in her life. Employee. Wife. Mom. Daughter. She couldn’t even find time to read a book. Or take a long bath.

And so she decided to do something for herself. Something that scared her. Something out of her comfort zone. Something she never thought she would do. Nervous. Scared. And excited. She stood in front of the camera. Naked. Exposed. Powerful. She discovered who she was and who she was going to be. Someone that wouldn’t let her responsibilities take away the person she wanted to be. Hoped to be. Would be.

The beautifully powerful Miss A…

-Brianna (photos by Ewan)


What does it mean to be naked? Truly exposed. With nowhere to hide. Both literally and figuratively. This question has been bouncing around my head for the last couple of days. And it got me thinking….

There are few times in my life where I have been truly free. With no inhibitions. No worries about what society would think of me. No pulling at my dress to calm anxiety as I walk into a crowded room. Twirling my hair before speaking in front of a crowd. Or shuffling my feet during an awkward conversation. When were those moments that I felt truly relaxed? Free? Comfortable in my own skin? And why are they so few and far between?

As a woman society has taught me two very different things. One, that if I show too much leg or too much cleavage that I must be promiscuous. But two, that everyone has sex and being naked in a movie or tv show is just the norm. It confused me growing up. And I was left wondering which was right and which was wrong. Until I realized, screw that. Screw tv and the movies. Screw society and what magazines and radio hosts tell me. I am Brianna. I make my own rules and I define who I am. I get to decide what makes me feel sexy. What makes me feel confident. And what makes me who I am. It wasn’t until long after I had kids that I actually felt regularly comfortable in my own skin. Which is odd to me because my body doesn’t look anything like it used to and things had shifted down, sideways and down some more. Yet, I finally felt like I knew who I was. I was me.

Every day we help women find this part of themselves. The little part that is hidden away. Confused. Unsure of who they are. These woman are brave and bare their souls for us. Show us who they truly are. And some of them let us share their photos to inspire other women to book a boudoir session for themselves too. They share their feelings. Thoughts. Experience. And so, here I am today doing the same. I came across this photo recently. Ewan took it of me 10 years ago, just as we were starting our business. Even looking at it now a decade later I remember exactly how I felt in that moment. I was naked. I was exposed. I had nowhere to hide. But it was in that moment that I was just me. Comfortable in my own skin. And it reminds me that it’s time for another session. Time to feel that way again. And more often. Maybe I don’t look the same as I did way back when. But that doesn’t matter. Because inside I’m a stronger person than I was then. And that’s what makes me feel beautiful.

- Brianna (photo by Ewan, circa 2004).


She wouldn’t let anyone tell her who she was. Who she had to be. Who she would be. She would discover that for herself. Her life was her own to command. Her own to determine. Her strength is found through who she is. Not by those who told her what it meant to be a woman. What her “job” is. What her life is supposed to be. She discovered happiness. She wasn’t going to let anyone take that away from her.

Introducing the beautiful Miss J…

-Brianna (photos by Ewan)