There is so much more to be seen than just what is placed in front of us.

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We are starting Black Friday sales a little bit early. And they’re a little bit crazy! EVERYTHING in our education store is on sale for UP TO 50% off. That includes admission to The Boudoir Academy, our mentoring programs, one-on-ones, boudoir/wedding/associate etc. contracts, Deluxe Boudoir lingerie starter kits, boudoir posing app and more. Head on over to the store to check out the sales and feel free to share with your friends. Because with Christmas, it’s equally fun to both give and receive.



We were recently invited to do a Podcast with Musea and it’s up on iTunes today – kind of a fun way to end the week.

Along with Michael Howard we talk about why we run a boudoir photography studio, how sessions positively impact clients lives and how we’ve shaped our business over the last 11 years.

We are giving Musea Podcast listeners a special discount on our professional boudoir contracts (and wedding, portrait etc too)! This discount ends on Nov, 26th, 2015! We are offering 50% off any contract or the full contract pack by using the code ‘dmwl’ at

You can listen to it on iTunes or here!


Is your life your own?

Do you spend more time doing things you hate than you love?

Are you happy?

Are you afraid?

This life is short, with a finite amount of opportunities. Never turn one down that will make you happy, even if it makes you afraid at the same time.

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