We’ve known Brittany for years. She is the one behind all of the gorgeous hair and makeup  that you see in our work. We have been talking about doing a shoot together for a long time, and finally we have! And she rocked it!

We wanted to share what Brittany sent us after she received her photos…

Throughout most of my adolescence, body image was a constant battle as it is for most young women. Thinness has never come naturally to me. As I played sports quite heavily through my teenage years, once I hit my 20’s and stopped, my body changed. I think the fact that I never had that “perfect” body it made this change easier for me. Over the years I’ve heard all kinds of opinions on my body from others, whether it be a mean boy in the school yard or an insensitive comment from a family or friend. I believe all of these things have made my opinion of myself stronger, because it had to be.

I eventually realized that no else’s opinion matters if I don’t love myself. I do my best, I have good days and bad days like most women but all in all I love the skin I am in today. Doing this boudoir, for me, was a celebration of that. A celebration of finally coming to a place of happiness and self love.

Now, as every woman does, I have moments where I question my beauty, or my worth – but I do NOT hate myself, and I’ve learned to try and push negative opinions (whether they be my own or from others), out of my life/mind.

This boudoir. This boudoir was big for me. I don’t believe it changed the way I view myself but I do believe it showed me what I am capable of. That I am willing to be exposed and judged and not worry myself with what onlookers may think. Leading up to the shoot, hours before, it hit me. I started to get nervous and I realized what was about to happen – I felt uneasy. I think that was the key to this whole shoot. The uneasy feeling before hand, pushing through that and doing it. I never knew I had it in me. Afterward, words can not express the high. I felt so empowered so beautiful and I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home so I could share this feeling with him.

Needless to say we both love the pictures. I know I look at them in an entirely different way than he does and I think that’s cool. I think that’s what this is about. I see myself conquering something that I was so reluctant and unsure of being capable of, and he sees his beautiful sexy wife rocking his world.

The beautiful Brittany

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Life is full of rejection. Full of disappointment. Full of not getting what you want. But you can’t let that take your confidence away, make your mad, or desperate. Brush yourself off, find the strength you’ve always had, and try again. It is better to fail at trying to go after what you want, than not going after it at all.

The beautiful Miss D…

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With the warm weather somewhat coming back here in Canada, thought we would share part two of Miss B’s outdoor boudoir session. You can see Miss B’s urban shoot here!

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We all have something in our life that we are trying to get over. A bad memory. A traumatic experience. A regret. Hurtful words. Self doubt. Lack of self esteem. All of us have this. But there is a trick. The trick is not to let it run you. Not to let it stop you. To always face each day saying, ‘yes, I have that baggage, but I am going to face this day anyway. I am going to look the world in the face and say, you don’t own me! Because I am brave!’

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