We love reading Rangefinder magazine and following their blog. Today they have done a post about our education website www.domorewearless.com and have all of the details on our Canada Day / Independence Day sale. For one week only get 25% off our contracts, including the contract pack! Use the promo code: summerholiday at the checkout!


We have spent the better part of our careers fighting for a better understanding and acceptance of nudity and sexuality. To see everyone as equal sexual beings that should be respected and be allowed to express that part of themselves without judgement. That if it could become common place, common conversation, that we could do a much better job for the next generation of individuals coming up into the world than was ever done for us.

With that said, I am very grateful to all of our clients that day in and day out put their trust in me to capture that side of themselves. To let me into their world even for just those few hours, and allow me to show them what they may not see or has been hidden within them. We love our job. And it’s moments like these where we see the outpouring of support and emotion for what Brianna and I are doing that makes me proud to stand with all of you who understand and are fighting to for a better world.

We are very excited to have an article on BuzzFeed this week about myself photographing the LGBT community. Specifically couples.


Some times you feel pushed against a wall. Nothing but you and what you have to face. Finding courage is sometimes hard. You can’t see past the fear. You can’t see past the unknown. But take the chance. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Don’t let it stop you. Face it. Fight it. Win.

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Hair and makeup by Makeup by Brittany

Austin Texas, it’s your turn! Last Forty Percent is coming to you!

Last Forty Percent will be bringing our one day workshop to Austin on August 12th! Austin has always been a city we wanted to visit. We have heard nothing but amazing things about it from our fellow Canadian friends who have visited, so we had to put it on our list of cities to have a workshop at!

Being held at Kara Marie of Click Chick’s beautiful studio, this workshop will give you the tools you need to start, grow or explode your boudoir business. Our shooting is honest and blunt and our workshops are no different. We do not believe in holding back secrets. We don’t believe in not answering questions that are asked. The workshop is there to help you!

Broken into two parts, the day starts with the group together in classroom style, being walked through our business practices, pointing out all of the key aspects that have helped to grow our boudoir business into an international success, and how to find yourself as a photographer in this ever growing industry. The second part of the day will be shooting along-side Ewan. He will break down everything that he is looking at while he is shooting, from posing to light, to composition, to themes.

Enter the code “austin2015″ at the checkout to receive the early bird pricing of $600.00. This code won’t last for one week and with only a few cities left for 2015 workshops, this isn’t one you are going to want to miss! Visit our domorewearless.com site here to book your spot now!

{and like always, we will have a few spots open for shoots around the date of the workshop. Contact Brianna at info@lastfortypercent.com for more info}


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