Merlot. Paying for his dinner. Blues music. The written word. Her perfume. Lingering cologne. The rain. Dancing. A glance that lingers. Red lipstick. Glasses. Candlelight. Smoking a cigar. Being behind her camera. Her curves. Writing until her soul is content. Short hair. The rain scene in Dirty Dancing. Driving a standard car. Being in her 30’s and not giving a sh*t what anyone thinks. Merlot (repeatedly intentionally). These are the things that make Wendy feel sexiest. And when Mike looks her, that feeling is amplified times ten. One hundred. A million. He makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the whole world. The only one. Completely loved.

Living a few blocks from each other, Wendy and Mike had never actually met. Didn’t even know about the other. Until one day their lives crossed paths and they connected online. Heart and soul. The perfect match. The one they had always been looking for. As the saying goes : when you know, you just know. And Mike and Wendy knew. The very minute they met. Maybe even before. He spoke to her soul through his words. And those things that made Wendy feel sexy were even better when shared with Mike. Merlot. Smoking a cigar. Candlelight and rain. Those lingering glances across the room for only them to see.

And since Wendy’s words about the shoot are better than mine, I wanted to share her thoughts on the experience. Introducing the very beautiful and sexy Wendy and Mike….

“We chose to be photographed for the couples boudoir session because we consider these photos pieces of art. It’s so different to be in front of the camera instead of being the one in charge. There is a sense of vulnerability when disrobing in front of another man that is not my own, yet the experience was disarming and empowering. We were made to feel comfortable and beautiful in front of a complete stranger. The studio was gorgeous, the music soothing and the experience left us feeling beautiful, intimate and closer than ever. I think boudoir sessions would be amazing for any woman or couple in all stages, whether they are single, mature, married, dating, divorced or pregnant. There is something so soul-stirring about being in front of someone else who thinks you are beautiful and can photograph you in the most flattering way” – (words from Wendy).

– Brianna (photos by Ewan)